Financial Cryptography '00 Conference Schedule

Sunday, February 20
Monday, February 21
Tuesday, February 22
Wednesday, February 23
Thursday, February 24

(schedule updated on February 18, 2000)

Sunday, February 20

1600-2000  Registration and Reception

    Sonesta Conference Boardroom
    Sponsored by Xcert
    Register early and mingle! Drinks and light snacks will be served.

Monday, February 21

0800-0900  Registration

0830-0900  Breakfast

0900-0910  Opening Remarks

0910-1000  Digital Rights Management (Chair: Yair Frankel)

    Efficient Trace and Revoke Schemes
    Moni Naor and Benny Pinkas (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

    Efficient Watermark Detection and Collusion Security
    Francis Zane (Lucent, USA)

1000-1050  Invited Speaker (Chair: Joan Feigenbaum)

    Toward a More Sensible Way of Regulating the Circumvention of Technical Protection Systems.
    Pam Samuelson (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

1050-1115  Coffee Break

1115-1230  Payment Systems (Chair: Stuart Haber)

    Self-Escrowed Cash Against User Blackmailing
    Birgit Pfitzmann and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (University of Saarland, Germany)

    Blind, Auditable Membership Proofs
    Tomas Sander (InterTrust, USA), Amnon Ta-Shma (International Computer Science Institute) and Moti Yung (CertCo, USA)

    Private Selective Payment Protocols
    Giovanni Di Crescenzo (Telcordia Technologies, USA)

1230-1255  Financial Cryptography Tools (Chair: Stuart Haber)

    Sharing Decryption in the Context of Voting or Lotteries
    Pierre-Alain Fouque, Guillaume Poupard and Jacques Stern (Ecole Normale Superieure, France)

1300-1400  Lunch

1400-1530  Exhibition Session

    Cool Privacy Technologies
    Adam Shostak, Ian Goldberg (Zero Knowledge Systems)

1800-2000  Welcome Reception

Poolside at the Sonesta
Sponsored by Hansa and nCipher

Tuesday, February 22

0830-0900  Breakfast

0900-0950  Electronic Postcards (Chair: Dan Boneh)

    Postal Revenue Collection in the Digital Age
    Leon A. Pintsov (Pitney Bowes, USA) and Scott A. Vanstone (University of Waterloo & Certicom, Canada)

    Signing on a Postcard
    David Naccache (Gemplus Card International, France) and Jacques Stern (Ecole Normale Superieure, France)

0950-1045  Panel I (Moderator: Moti Yung)

    Payment Systems: The Next Generation
    Shannon Byrne (Paradata, Canada)
    Greg Napiorkowski (Mondex, International)
    Max Levchin (Confinity, USA)
    David Farago (Ecash, USA)
    Charles Evans (E-Gold, USA)

1045-1115  Coffee Break

1115-1255  Abuses of Systems (Chair: Paul Syverson)

    Non-Repudiation in SET: Open Issues
    Els Van Herreweghen (IBM Zurich, Switzerland)

    Statistics and Secret Leakage
    Jean-Sebastien Coron (Ecole Normale Superieure, France), Paul Kocher (Cryptography Research, USA) and David Naccache (Gemplus Card International, France)

    Analysis of Abuse-Free Contract Signing
    Vitaly Shmatikov and John C. Mitchell (Stanford University, USA)

    Asymmetric Currency Rounding
    David M'Raihi, David Naccache and Michael Tunstall (Gemplus Card International, France)

1300-1400  Lunch

1400-1530  Exhibition Session

    Research at Telcordia Technologies
    Giovanni Di Crescenzo (Telcordia)

    Challenges in Digital Rights Management
    Andrew Wright (InterTrust)

    Pat Richards (Xcert)

2100-2300  Rump Session

    Chandeliers (InterIsland Hotel)
    Sponsored by e-gold

Wednesday, February 23

0830-0900  Breakfast

0900-1015  Financial Cryptography Policies and Issues (Chair: Win Treese)

    The Encryption Debate in Plaintext: National Security and Encryption in Israel and the United States
    Barak Jolish (Hancock Rothert & Bunshoft, USA)

    Critical Comments on the European Directive on a Common Framework for Electronic Signatures and Certification Service Providers
    Apollonia Martinez-Nadal, J.L. Ferrer-Gomila (University of Balearic Islands, Spain)

    A Response to "Can we eliminate certificate revocation lists?"
    Patrick McDaniel (University of Michigan, USA) and Avi Rubin (AT&T Labs, USA)

1015-1040  Coffee Break

1040-1130  Invited Speaker (Chair: Yair Frankel)

    In Search of the Killer App
     Kevin McCurley (IBM Almaden, USA)

1130-1145  Break

1145-1300  Anonymity (Chair: Nicko Van Someren)

    Self-Scrambling Anonymizers
    David Pointcheval (Ecole Normale Superieure, France)

    Authentic Attributes with Fine-Grained Anonymity Protection
    Stuart G. Stubblebine (CertCo, USA) and Paul F. Syverson (Naval Research Lab, USA)

    Resource Efficient Anonymous Group Identification
    Ben Handley

1300-1400  Lunch

1400-1530  Exhibition Session

    Future Directions for nCipher Hardware Security Modules
    Nicko van Someren (nCipher)

    The Basis of Secure, Private, Worldwide Payment Systems
    Charles Evans (e-gold)

1700-????  Beach Barbecue

    The Dune
    Sponsored by InterTrust and Telcordia

Thursday, February 24

0830-0900  Breakfast

0900-0925  Financial Cryptography Tools (Chair: Stuart Stubblebine)

    Secret Key Authentication with Software-Only Verification
    Jaap-Henk Hoepman (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

0925-1025  Panel II (Moderators: Barb Fox, Brian LaMacchia)

    Public Key Infrastructure: PKIX, Signed XML or Something Else?

    Carl Ellison (Intel Architecture Labs, USA)
    Caelen King (Baltimore Technologies, Ireland)
    Patrick Richard (Xcert, USA)
    Ron Rivest (MIT, USA)

1025-1055  Coffee Break

1055-1145  System Architectures (Chair: Giovanni Di Crescenzo)

    Financial Cryptography in 7 Layers
    Ian Grigg (Systemics)

    Capability-Based Financial Instruments
    Mark S. Miller (, Bill Franz and Chip Morningstar (, USA)

1145-1200  Closing Remarks

1200-1300  IFCA General Meeting

1300-1400  Lunch

1400-1500  Exhibition Session

Getting Big Bandwidth to a Small Island
Vincent Cate (Offshore Information Systems)

HushMail: User-Friendly Crypto
Brendon Wilson (Hush)

2000-????  HFH Party

    HFH Villa
    Sponsored by Zero Knowledge Systems

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